The Latest in Hearing Aids

Hearing aids have embraced the digital age. Consumers will find many new choices on the market.

Apple has joined forces with a Danish company to produce Apple device compatible aids. The ReSound LiNX is a hearing aid designed for iPhone use, and connects directly to iPads and iPods as well. A wireless hearing aid in the form of stereo headphones, the LiNX offers better sound quality and apps that allow users to access spoken auto navigation systems, as well as help to track down missing hearing aids.

stark_styleThe Resound LiNX 9 model is compatible with iPhones and physically resembles more traditional hearing aids. The device fits behind the ear, with its speaker fitting inside the ear canal. Its features include the ability to synchronize between different hearing aids, and a special program that can differentiate between music and the spoken word and adjust sound quality accordingly. New Resound LiNX and Resound LiNX 9 iPhone units are equipped with apps that allow users to access subtitles and closed caption features. In addition, auditory balance can be adjusted in both ears with these phones to allow even more hearing comprehension.

In addition to these new innovations for device use, new and improved traditional hearing aids are now available. Phonak is a Swiss based company that has been manufacturing high quality hearing aids since the late 1940s, and it has a number of new models on the market. Its Phonak Q-70 is a medium range hearing aid that is device compatible with Bluetooth technology, and comes in behind the ear and in the ear models. Volume and zoom control are among this model’s programming features.

audeo_in_earPhonak’s Q-90 is a more advanced hearing aid, and offers multiple options. The Q-90 Nano is a tiny but powerful device that completely fits within the ear canal. Phonak’s Q-90 Virto and Q-90 Bolero both offer the company’s Quest software with such features as auditory adjustment in windy weather. And the Q-90 Audeo is a behind the ear device that blends in seamlessly with hair and skin tones, eliminates annoying background noises, and blocks whistling.

For those dealing with a more complex hearing situations, Sicoms Micon has a 48 channel hearing aid that can be Bluetooth enabled and have a tinnitus blocking program installed. And the Starkey Soundlens is a compact, digital hearing aid that fits completely in the canal. It is self learning in terms of user volume control and offers significantly reduced feedback.

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